Positivity of a Pen Pal

While some people find it controversial that prisoners can be put on websites seeking Pen Pals, I believe quite the opposite. I’ve seen first hand the many positive effects that can come of being a pen pal with an inmate.

Prisoners I’ve corresponded with over the years have told me that growing feelings of engagement with “the outside world” and, as a result of being accepted by their pen pal friend and experiencing that friendship with someone who believes in their capacity for change, they can begin to see themselves as something more than “just a prisoner”. All of this can greatly increase the chances of a successful rehabilitation for the prisoner.

Having a pen pal helps prisoners:

  • feel less isolated
  • boosts their overall happiness through having a distraction from the routine prison life
  • raises their hopes for life beyond prison

Most prisoners I’ve written are very thankful for all of the letters they receive and more appreciative than you’d ever imagine. Having someone who can listen to them and help them with their emotions, aspirations, etc can make a world of difference in their rehabilitation process.

Many prisoners (especially long-term sentenced prisoners) can have thoughts of suicide or become suicidal. Having someone to talk to about these thoughts and having a reason to live (receiving word–letters–from you can drastically improve their emotional state.

Prisoners are also great listeners. They’re very eager to help you in any way possible and receive great satisfaction from doing so. Do you have something going on in your life that you feel you can’t talk about with anyone else. They may just help you out as much as you help them.

If you’re ready to correspond with an inmate today check out: penacon.com and write (or e-mail) an inmate today. It’s free!

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