Penacon’s Prison Pen Pal System is Set to Change the Course of Society

Prisoners who maintain healthy relationships with friends and family on the outside are more likely to succeed in life on the outside. It’s no secret that prisons provide little to no support structure for inmates who are soon to be released. This is where ( is set apart from other organizations.

It is the common consensus that prison time makes monsters out of everyone they claim they are helping. One good example is that of the Alabama state prison system where an inmate is more likely to be murdered than to be rehabilitated. This phenomenon is believed to be caused by the isolation that is suffered when a human being is locked away like an animal. The suffering begins by requiring prisoners to eat food that is not fit for human consumption. They are then deprived of their voice and credibility to do anything about abusive conditions. The next most debilitating condition is depriving the prisoner of outside contact with humanity. In many cases, depriving a prisoner of communication with friends and family is used as a punishment for trivial infractions like not being quiet enough during the count.

Incarceration has an undeniable negative impact on relationships with friends and family and prisoners need outside connections to thrive. Physical separation, denial of communication, and prison policies operate to weaken relationships and isolate prisoners over time. A lack of a support network often results in increased behavioral issues during a given term of incarceration and increased recidivism rates after release. is committed to assisting prisoners with maintaining outside contact with friends and family. They are aware that changing the life course of an inmate starts on the first day of incarceration and is essential to the sound rehabilitation of any individual who is locked away. It is also important for friends and family to help prisoners with developing a support circle that the prisoner can rely on upon release.

This is why has made it easier than ever for friends and family members of inmates to sign them up on their web-based pen pal system. Once an inmate is signed up and loaded on the pen pal system, they can start receiving letters from potential new friends almost immediately. An inmate who has many pen pals writing to them poses a reduced burden on the family members who support them.

Well-informed family and friends of American prisoners know the value of signing their loved one up on a well-managed web-based pen pal system.

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