Change America by Being a Mentor

 This legacy is based on influence that children develop their moral compass in their early years. That compass is what guides their judgment in the years that follow. A single broken link in a child’s chain of development can have a negative effect on the rest of their life. In some cases, a poor choice can result in long incarcerations. After which a change must be made to set a misguided compass back on course. That’s why Penacon, a inmate pen pal/friend website has stepped forward to offer a second chance. They now make it possible for anyone, who wants to have a positive influence on a hurting soul, to take the opportunity to set someone’s life back on track.

Prisons across America are filled with adults and teens prisoners who have made poor choices. Some of them are guilty of simply associating with the wrong crowd. For most, their poor choices have been because of a lack of positive influence, a loving guidance. Some of those prisoners still seek acceptance, they continually yearn for someone to help them. A mentor can be a great help in understanding where and how to guide them in taking their next step. Those who lack that positive influence will seek it out until they find it. A good first step, to making a difference, is to view the profiles listed on additional discounts.

Penacon has taken the next big step in the world of second chances and reform. Their initiative to set up their inmate web service has done what no other service has done. They have developed a medium in which those who need, and others who are willing to give, can connect. A positive influence is a gift that has no comparison. It’s a gift that can be given by a shut-in senior citizen, a High school student, or a church’s missionary initiative. Because of positive correspondence, prisoners have become professors at Georgetown University, successful attorneys, motivational speakers, and, above all, they have become law abiding citizens upon their release.

Penacon has made the world of positive change available to everyone who can access their website. Everyone with a kind word can now leave a legacy of positive influence upon someone in need of a mentor. The choice to make a difference in some inmate life starts by visiting the Penacon website and searching the profiles. Changing someone’s life is a gift that will never be forgotten, never worn out, and is never thrown away. When a mentor changes a life that influence is never forgotten, that legacy lives on forever.

Any family member or friend who takes advantage of Penacon’s services on behalf of a prisoner enjoys additional discounts for showing that they care. Penacon has a $5 off promo code when making a profile, use LOVE5.

One thought on “Change America by Being a Mentor

  • March 15, 2021 at 3:08 am

    I want to make a difference in someone’s life. I believe there is good in those who want to change their life around and those who don’t. I would like to help someone believe in their own self and have a self worth to do better when and if they ever get a chance to turn their life around. Of course it’s their choice.


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