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When we think of Pen Pals we typically think of writing someone in a different part of the world.  So if you’ve landed on this page you’ve more than likely given thought to writing someone behind bars. Everyday new people are sending letters to inmates as potential pen pals.  Trying to reach out to offer friendship to people locked away can be a very fulfilling journey. They’re often lonely and seeking companionship. Many of them are very eager to respond and can be great listeners. Just like with any pen pal there are certain tips to writing.

  1. Find a site where you can browse through inmate profiles. (Preferably 🙂 Hey while you’re here you may as well check out our members, right? Our site lists the pertinent information as well as a small write up directly from your potential pen pal. So now you already know a little about them.  Most profiles even include a photo so you can see who you’re writing. And with Penacon you can send your first letter via the internet.  No trip to the post office!
  2. Be patient for your first reply. Mail can be slow for prisoners. Sometimes the day the facility receives the mail may not even be the day the inmate receives it. Inmates are often very eager to respond and happy to receive your letters so even if you don’t receive a reply right away don’t worry…this doesn’t mean they don’t want to correspond with you.
  3. Make sure you write legible. Print your name and address on all of your correspondence neatly. You can send your pen pal a photo as well if you feel comfortable. If you want to make SURE your penpal receives it and it isn’t lost in the shuffle, you can include your pen pals name and ID on the back of the photo.  This is not necessary, but it can’t hurt to be proactive.
  4. Try to make your pen pal’s birthday special. Birthdays (as well as other holidays) can be lonely. Send them a card or a special birthday letter. Remembering an inmate on their birthday can have a huge impact.
  5. Greeting cards are always a special way to make an inmate feel important. Even “Just Because” greeting cards. Get a little creative and make your own.  But always remember to check their facilities website for rules and regulations before sending something other than a written letter, greeting card, or photo.
  6. Be honest and friendly. Remember to be open and honest – they’re humans too, don’t treat them in any way you wouldn’t want to be treated yourself. Treat them with respect – regardless of what they may be incarcerated for.
  7. Be a friend and a mentor. Good pen pals can help inmates overcome addictions, find friends and family and have something to look forward to. Remember you are bringing a positive line to the outside world for your pen pal.

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