The Approaching Holidays Make Us Think of Giving to Others

The holiday season is probably the most difficult time that anyone can spend in prison locked away from their families. Incarceration doesn’t change the need for emotional connection or the desire to give to loved ones. It does, however, create a difficult problem for families to face as they enter into the gift-giving season. Throughout America, and especially in the era of the Covid-19 pandemic, gift-giving has been made easy by online shopping and the many methods of delivery and shipping that has been perfected in the last nine months. In spite of all the advancements, the task of giving a gift to, or receiving a gift from a prisoner has grown more difficult.

Among the many companies that have worked to make gift-giving possible this year, one stands out for providing prisoners with the gift of giving. The solution to this difficult task is nothing new to Freebird Publishers. Ever since their establishment in 2013, Freebird Publishers has striven to make gift-giving between prisoners and their families an easy task. This is made possible by making the Inmate Shopper, Freebird Publishers’ one of a kind book, Gift Look Book and Swarovski Jewelry catalog are all available to our incarcerated prisoners. A prisoner may then email or write on plain paper their gift selection for processing by the caring staff of Freebird Publishers. Those who have incarcerated loved ones can give the gift of giving even to those locked away behind prison walls. Restore to your incarcerated loved ones the power to give a gift to those they love the most. Let us do all that we can to keep families close this holiday season.




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