New Years Is Here Everyone, the Time for Change Is Now

New Years is just around the corner and change is required to escape the current path of people in America. The last nine months have proven to make 2020 one of the most challenging years in history. The impact of the Coronavirus pandemic has changed the impression of prosperity, in the minds of people worldwide. Jobs have been lost, retirement plans have been spent and successful businesses have closed their doors forever. But not all things are created equal. This year, an independent publishing company shared a Covid proof income opportunity with a small number of Americans, many of which were incarcerated.

It is no secret that writing, and publishing is a huge investment of time. And, much like all other aspects of the entertainment world, there are many more talented people than there are big time opportunities. That is why for the past seven years Freebird Publishers ( has provided reasonably priced publishing packages to everyone. Some of the most unexpected writers have turned into some of Freebird Publishers’ most popular authors.

This year the Coronavirus pandemic was anything but expected. Also unexpected, is that some authors prospered because book sales increased rather than decreased. Those authors, with the help and inspiration of Freebird Publishers, created for themselves a long-lasting residual income. That source of income has proven itself to be resistant to the losses caused by Covid-19.

It is never too late to seek a way to supplement one’s income. It is in times like these that all Americans should start to prepare for the next great National Disaster by creating a residual income today.







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About Freebird Publishers
Freebird Publishers (htttps:// is headquartered in North Dighton, Massachusetts (MA). They serve the entire United States and international locations. They have earned the confidence of prisoners and their families nationwide by being a leader in the business of providing necessary information and specialized publishing services to inmates and their loved ones since 2013. Freebird Publishers provides a full listing of the hundreds of services available to prisoners in their detailed publication, the “Inmate Shopper”. For more information about the “Inmate Shopper” and the tools it provides that an inmate can use to make their incarceration productive visit: or send a direct email to:, also accessible to inmates through use of prisoner email systems.

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