Loneliness Has Been Recognized as an Epidemic

Web based pen pal company that operates world wide is now a key to overcoming loneliness. Penacon (www.penacon.com) understands the concept of being alone in a crowd. Though many tend to associate the concept of feeling alone to the idea of not having a confidant or friend, people might also experience existential or societal loneliness if they feel like they are misunderstood or not welcomed into certain social spaces. We have all known people who seemingly have many friends yet feel that their lives lack meaning or that they are fundamentally different from others. We all know the expression, “lonely in a crowd.”

People between the ages of 18-24 are the most likely to suffer from loneliness. In a national study, 61% of respondents in that age group indicated high levels of social isolation. Psychologists say it’s because young people pull away from their inherited families as they transition into adulthood. The critical guard rails that prevented loneliness disappear as they begin to form new family units. The stresses of making critical professional, relationship, and personal decisions can further amplify a young person’s sense of isolation and anxiety.

It’s not too late, meet a new friend that understands through the online pen pal groups on Penacon.

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About Penacon
Penacon (https://www.Penacon.com) is based in North Dighton, Massachusetts (MA). Their goal is to help those within the incarcerated community to gain friendship, make romantic connections and reach for a brighter tomorrow. They bring caring people from all over the world to the prisoners who need a positive influence. Whether people are looking for a new friend, the love of their life, or a positive and supportive mentor, this is the right place to come. Penacon cares about those who matter the most, prisoners and those who love them. Browse their site and their personal ads, view the pictures and profiles of inmates, and find that special person who can fill that deep need in a lonely heart.

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